Driving your competitive edge

The finest toolset built for you. Gain the competitive edge that you deserve, refine your skills, this game is yours to win.

Built for Mac

Our drive was to give to the our gamers what we've never before had, but we all deserved. Windows and even consoles have had their fair share of competitive tools for decades. Hundreds of them. We're working hard to bring them to macOS!

Fully Automatic

Our systems and tools are built for simplicity and reliability. Leave the programming to us, you won't need any technical knowledge to use our tools. Just install, launch, and click to choose & tweak what you need. The rest is automatic.


Our model is simple - one license gives you access to all our Advantage Tools, for every game that we support, for as long as you support us. Our licenses are cheap - our cheapest option is only £3.99 per month, less than a beer in most countries.

Here for You

We opened our doors to the public in 2011 and aren't going anywhere. Your support is an investment in our future. We'll keep updating and building, bigger & better tools, for the games you love. Keep supporting us and we'll keep supporting you.

Our Reputation

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Support our service by purchasing a membership. After your order is verified by your chosen payment provider (e.g PayPal), our system will use the email provided within your order, to process your order and send you a confirmation. Your confirmation email will contain an activation key, which you can use to download any of our Advantage Tools from the dedicated site.

How do I renew my membership?

Renew your membership at any time by purchasing a new membership. Just like the first time you supported us, our system will retrieve your email from your order and use that to find your account. Once your account has been found in the system, our system will update the membership expiry date to make sure you receive what you've paid for, whether it's already expired or still active.

Is it safe?

Our tools are precision-built and full of sanity checks. Our logic ensures any action it takes is exactly as intended, to ensure nothing unexpected happens to your game. If anything unexpected does happen, our APIs will stop the tool before anything goes wrong.

Can I try it out?

Yes, you can. Contact us, we have limited trials and demos for all our tools, designed to showcase and reassure you in the quality that you're paying for. Our service is here for you and our reputation precedes us. If the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, we're committed to help.

What games do you support?

Currently our offering includes Advantage Tools for Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

We have dedicated websites for both our Advantage Tools, head over to csgomachacks.com and callofduty4machacks.com for more specific details of each Advantage Tool, as the features available vary between games. Each respective Advantage Tool can also be downloaded by active members from there.

Will there be Advantage Tools for other games?

Yes! We started with Call of Duty 4:MW in 2011. Counter Strike:GO was a popular request in 2016, and we completed our Advantage Tool for CSGO in January 2017. This all happened because many users expressed their interests in this game.

We will build more, which game we build for next is completely up to you. Tell us about your interests, what games would you love to see an Advantage Tool for? We'll prioritize based on the volume of interest. The most popular title is what we'll work on next.

What features does it have?

The features available with each Advantage Tool vary by game. Find a more detailed overview of game-specific features can be found here. All features can be individually toggled, giving you complete control over what functionality you use.

Can I request other features?

Yes! We're here for you - that means we're extremely request driven. Tell us what you like and dislike about our tool, and we'll act on it.